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Unfortunately, as much as we like to preserve as many trees as we can, sometimes this just isn’t possible. Whether due to catastrophic storm damage, rot, decay, or removal for property development, sometimes a tree has just has to go. With years of experience in the industry and state of the art machinery at our disposal, we’ll complete any tree removal job quickly, effectively, and safely.

Reasons for tree removal can vary greatly, particularly between our residential clients and our commercial customers. Occasionally it’s necessary for trees to be removed to make way for urban development. More often than not, however, we see them removed for reasons such as structural weakness, disease, and safety issues. After all, who would want to cut down a tree if they don’t have to?

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Why Manhattan Tree Removal?

If you think you may have a tree on your property that is structurally unsound, diseased, or is at risk of falling, the ideal time to call the experts is right now. Believe us when we say this is not something you want to ignore. Removing a tree in a safe and controlled manner is infinitely preferable than waiting for our emergency tree removal service. And worst of all, emergencies often occur late at night or when we least expect them.

Top Reasons for Tree Removal:

  • Dead or decaying trees. They can devalue your property and pose health and safety risks.
  • Infestations, diseases, termites, and more. Some of these can be treated if caught early enough. However, if they’re left too long, this can compromise the structure of the tree, exposing the surrounding to the risk of damage.
  • Increased curvature of the tree trunk. While we all like a nice shapely tree (and the kids love climbing them!), if the curve of the trunk is too extreme, the tree is unbalanced and unsafe.
  • Storm damage, often unforeseen and unavoidable. Sometimes even a strong, healthy tree can fall victim to extreme weather conditions. While we can reduce the likelihood of this by keeping our trees trimmed and healthy, sometimes Mother Nature just decides otherwise.
  • Property development, household improvements, and interference with a neighboring property may all call for tree removal.

Whatever the reason is that you’ve decided to have a tree removed, we’re happy to take your call. We’re not afraid of the bigger jobs, and with some of the largest wood chippers in New York City and our team of safe, dependable experts on hand, you can trust us to get the job done right!


Contact Us for A Pre-Removal Tree Assessment

If you’re undecided on whether or not to remove a tree, it’s critical to have the Manhattan tree services experts in to take a closer look. Tree health is complex — you may be missing warning signs if you don’t have a firm understanding of what to look for. Our team can come to your property to help you determine if it’s time to remove your tree.

Various tree care companies in the New York City area charge money for quotes. If you want to avoid paying for a quote, call the number one tree removal company in Manhattan area. We provide all prospective clients with a free quote for our work.

If you think it’s time to remove a tree, make sure to make the decision as quickly as possible. Avoid the expense and the danger of falling branches or trees on your property—call Manhattan Tree Services now.

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