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For years, Manhattan Tree Services has been offering high-quality tree services.


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Tree Services Manhattan have been servicing the Manhattan area for many years and continue to be your #1 local trusted tree service company. With jobs ranging from pruning and cosmetic work to major tree removal, we consider no job too big or too small. We’ve built our reputation on high levels of skill, competence and unmatchable excellence in customer service to both our residential and commercial clients.

Manhattan Tree Removal Experts

Tree Inspection

If you don’t have considerable experience with trees, you may not realize when something is wrong. A diseased or rotting tree can be a significant hazard if it’s left untouched. Our Manhattan tree company has the expertise to carry out complex inspections and advise you on the best steps forward.

We can help you determine the health of your current trees.

Tree Removal

If you want to remove a tree, it’s critical to use a team that understands the complexities of this type of work. Tree removal is a dangerous and complicated endeavor — you can’t trust an inexperienced team to carry out this type of procedure. Whether your tree is dead, or you just want more space, our team can provide a safe and successful removal process.

FREE estimates

FREE estimates


Stump Removal

Traditional tree removal services don’t always include the removal of your tree stump. This means that roots may continue to grow, and your stump may get in the way of new construction. If you’d like your full stump removed, we can help!


24-Hour Emergency Services

If you experience an emergency or storm, it’s critical to get help straight away from a local Manhattan tree service…and Tree Services Manhattan specializes in emergency tree care, 24-7. Fallen branches and trees can be a severe safety hazard — they may also damage your home. Our team is always on hand for emergency calls in the New York City area!


Tree Cutting and Trimming

If you want to ensure your tree remains healthy and sturdy, it’s essential to cut and trim its branches regularly. Not doing so may result in branches falling, or disease spreading. Our team will assess your trees to determine how much needs to be pruned — it’s the best way to ensure the longevity of the trees on your property.

Choose an Experienced Manhattan Tree Company

Without regular maintenance, your house would become rundown and unsafe, right? Well, like your house and the rest of your garden, your trees need semi-regular maintenance and a bit of TLC to stay active and healthy.

We recommend trees get trimmed an average of once a year. However, this is dependent on the variety and size of the tree, amongst other factors. Talk to the experts, and we’ll guide you on how best to care for the trees on your property, improving the aesthetics of the neighborhood and possibly increasing property value. We’re happy to take your call and have a chat anytime!

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What’s more, while we’re up close and personal with your tree, we get a chance to cast a professional eye over it and check for any underlying issues that may be less obvious. Inspecting for signs of disease, infestation, rot or any inherent structural weakness on an annual basis may save you time, money, and your tree. Any issues diagnosed and treated in the early stages are much easier to resolve, possibly saving your tree and allowing it to grow until your grandchildren reach your age.

Why Choose Tree Service Manhattan?

At Tree Services Manhattan we love a challenge. Moreover, there’s no greater challenge than tree maintenance and tree care in the Manhattan area. It’s no easy task and no job for an amateur, that’s for sure!

While rural tree maintenance can be hazardous enough, tree cutting, tree trimming, and tree removal in a congested urban area can be full of potential dangers. Unforeseen distractions, noise, overhead utility lines, and working in close proximity to just about everything, all contribute to a potentially hazardous working environment.

Luckily for you, we know the area, and we know the risks. All the team at Manhattan Tree Services are highly trained, familiar with the locality, and have access to some of the best (and coolest) machinery in New York City to get the job done.

Unlike some companies, we own our own plant and have it at our disposal 24/7. We’re the proud owners of some of the largest wood chippers in New York City, and all our equipment is maintained to the highest levels of safety, ensuring an injury free and efficient working day for our team.


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