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Are you seeking Tree Cutting, Tree Trimming, or Tree Removal in the Manhattan area? Call Tree Services Manhattan. We are you’re #1 local tree experts.

We’ve been tending to the Manhattan tree-scape for many years. We know our job, we know our clients, and we know how to get things done right!

At Tree Services Manhattan, we offer a variety of services to help you keep your trees spruced up and your property in prime condition all year round. With tree trimming and pruning a regular part of our job, we consider no project too big or too small for the team at Tree Services Manhattan. Give us a call if you think your trees need a bit of shaping up! They’ll thank you for extra love and care.

Although we enjoy the lighter jobs, it’s not all cosmetic work for the team at Tree Services Manhattan. We love a challenge, and we jump at the chance to take on the bigger projects that nobody else wants. We’ve got the equipment, we’ve got the knowledge, and we’ve got the right attitude.

Highly competent and fully licensed and insured in tree trimming and tree removal, we consider ourselves only as good as our last job. We don’t rely on reputation to keep our business thriving. Instead, we rely on high standards of performance, a strong work ethic, and a friendly approach to ensure that every job is completed to an excellent standard.

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Tree Cutting And Trimming:

Regular care and maintenance of your giant green friends will leave them strong, healthy, and less likely to be overcome by strong wind and storm damage. While out in a rural environment, trees can grow 100 ft high and more. In an urban setting, this is neither practical or safe and has a tendency to annoy your neighbors, which nobody wants!

Apart from the issues of overgrown trees blocking light from entering your property, it also becomes a safety hazard as they start to become intertwined with overhead utility lines. They might also grow to close to your property, interfering with the structural integrity of your roof or building’s exterior.

The problems aren’t all up high, however, as an overly aggressive tree root system can often start causing problems for you. Damaging to patios and sidewalks and a permanent trip hazard, tree roots need to be taken care of before they get out of control.

The good news is that all the above issues can be easily and cost-effectively avoided with regular care and maintenance of your trees. We recommend an annual check-up to trim those branches and check for any underlying tree-health issues.

Benefits of Regular Tree Trimming


Encouraging a healthy growth pattern which may stop overarching in the trunk, causing instability in the tree.


Encouraging growth in a practical direction, away from nearby properties or utility lines. This is necessary in congested urban environments to avoid potential injuries.


Prevention of disease or infestation spreading through early detection, monitoring, and treatment.


Less light blockage to your property as the foliage is trimmed.


Less light blockage to your property as the foliage is trimmed.


More streamlined growth leaves trees less susceptible to storm damage.

All the above contribute overall to a stronger, healthier, and more beautiful tree. Give our team a call if you’d like to schedule one of our free on-site estimates. We’ll have your trees looking top notch in no time.

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Manhattan Tree Removal Experts

Unfortunately, as much as we like to preserve as many trees as we can, sometimes this just isn’t possible. Whether due to catastrophic storm damage, rot, decay, or removal for property development, sometimes a tree has just has to go. With years of experience in the industry and state of the art machinery at our disposal, we’ll complete any tree removal job quickly, effectively, and safely.

Reasons for tree removal can vary greatly, particularly between our residential clients and our commercial customers. Occasionally it’s necessary for trees to be removed to make way for urban development. More often than not, however, we see them removed for reasons such as structural weakness, disease, and safety issues. After all, who would want to cut down a tree if they don’t have to?

If you think you may have a tree on your property that is structurally unsound, diseased or is at risk of falling, the ideal time to call the experts is right now. Believe us when we say this is not something you want to ignore. Removing a tree in a safe and controlled manner is infinitely preferable than waiting for our emergency tree removal service. And worst of all, emergencies often occur late at night or when we least expect them.

Top Reasons for Tree Removal Service:

  • Dead or decaying trees. They can devalue your property and pose health and safety risks.
  • Infestations, diseases, termites, and more. Some of these can be treated if caught early enough. However, if they’re left too long, this can compromise the structure of the tree, exposing the surrounding to the risk of damage.
  • Increased curvature of the tree trunk. While we all like a nice shapely tree (and the kids love climbing them!), if the curve of the trunk is too extreme, the tree is unbalanced and unsafe.
  • Storm damage, often unforeseen and unavoidable. Sometimes even a strong, healthy tree can fall victim to extreme weather conditions. While we can reduce the likelihood of this by keeping our trees trimmed and healthy, sometimes Mother Nature just decides otherwise.
  • Property development, household improvements, and interference with a neighboring property may all call for tree removal.
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Call Us 24 Hours If You Need an Emergency Tree Removal In The Manhattan

Because Mother Nature operates 24/7
Trees are big, heavy, and sometimes unpredictable. If they experience sudden damage or are suffering from structural weakness, eventually they may come to the point where they can just give way.

This can be bad news for you or your property. The best-case scenario might be an extremely inconvenient tree consuming your front yard. However, much worse than this is the possibility of extreme property damage or personal injury to yourself, your family, or your neighbors.

Situations like this can be very distressing for a homeowner, and we do our best to make sure any immediate clean-up process is as smooth as possible for our clients.

While many emergency call-outs are unavoidable and due to an act of nature, we do recommend you try and prevent these situations as much as possible through regular maintenance, tree trimming, and annual checks. Give us a call, and we’ll be happy to give you an estimate for this and answer any questions you might have.

Storm Clean-Up

Whether your property has fallen victim to heavy winter snowfall or high winds, the result can be a rather lackluster looking tree and a debris-filled yard. While it may look safe to get out there and start the clean-up operation, do keep in mind that just because the storm has passed this doesn’t mean the danger has left.

Further branch breakages from weakness or heavy snow, uneven terrain, water underfoot, fallen utility wires, and trip hazards are just some of the risks to which you’re exposing yourself. We recommend that before you get out the work gloves, you get an expert to come and take a look.

We can check out your property, remove any large debris, and reasonably ensure that there are no hidden risks before you get to work.

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Don’t DIY – Let the Manhattan Tree Experts Do the Hard Work!

While many consider themselves blessed with the green thumb, tree cutting and tree trimming are a whole different ball game.

Working at height, use of heavy or specialized machinery and proximity to potential hazards all increase the risk factor. Tree maintenance is a job for a skilled professional with the right tools, the right training, and the right safety equipment. What’s more, it may end up costing you more time, money, and stress if we have to pick up where you left off.

If you think your property needs a tidy up, we recommend you put down the chainsaw and pick up the phone. Trust the experts at Tree Services Manhattan to get the job done in half the time, with twice the result.

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